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Eostre, a goddess of spring! obscure early english deity, but the traditions of celebrating the change in seasons have withstood until today (albeit in a commercialized sense)The easter eggs the baby animals, the flowers, these are symbols from an ancient tradition of celebrating the onset of spring!Digital and pencil sketch
the siren!this one  is a tiny bit not safe for work? ah well what are you doing on tumblr at work anyways eh?
a siren! a rather cheeky one haha, tempting men to their death and whatnotpen sketch and digital
So i did a whole run of these matteboard gouache studies, just playing with color and light mostly. This one is from a little sketch in my sketchbook that i dolled up, some hipster looking bullshit i know, but what can i say, im easily influenced. I was trying for that under the canopy dappled light effect, i feel like it was less than effective, but i like the color and design of it though, so up it goes 
petit dieu de fumethe little god of smoke and smoking. He takes your smoke as offerings feeds off that drunken cigarette you didnt mean to smoke, or that pack you promised yourself you wouldnt buy.not malevolent per say he also feeds off ritual and pipe smokethe celebratory cigar at a birth or celebration the quiet pipe by the lake your father smokes
sketch and digital 
more digital coloring practice, sketch from a few days ago
oranges and tropical ocean colorssummer summer summer. 
an air spirit?based on a sketch i did while i was in australiaa warm wind spirit maybe, like that hot summer wind you get sometimes in tropical countries maybe the one right before a storm
anyways, working on a new digital illustration style, sorta watercolor-esque
inks n digital

The Road goes ever on and onDown from the door where it began.Now far ahead the Road has gone,And I must follow, if I canoh tolkeinsuch a myth weaver that one(link to full poem by jrr tolkein here: [link])i think im about ready to reread lotr againim all caught up with game of thrones and well, i guess im in the mood for some proper high fantasyThis is another one from my show, the largest.i’ve  been doing a lot of research and putting some thought into myth and  story lately, and though i’m not the first to come to this conclusion,  it bears mentioning as it is a neat thought,almost all stories,  myths and adventures share a common theme and that the journey.  internal, external, physical metaphysical all stories are journeys. so  for the biggest piece in my show (this one is about 40x40”) i thought  the road ahead was a pretty apt metaphor.

Studio times!Man I’ve been working down in my cave hole (its actually really rad but it is in a basement sooo) like 12 hrs a day for the last couple days. I’m actually starting to see a show shaping itself out of all the chaos, so i’mma keep at it and hopefully i wont flail and i’ll get it all done for the 15th. Im the worst procrastinator ever i swear, if i’m not under some crazy pressure i’ll probably be looking at internets instead of doing my work. Le sigh. anyways, heres a little sneak preview of some work in progress stuff for the show, all brown paper and paint pens and so much drawing. i really hope it all comes together, i have high hopes that it’ll look pretty cool when it happens so yeah the 15th hooo boy.

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