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Fire mageanother of those classic dnd fantasy character classes drawings i’ve been doing
Col-erase & digital color 
War Cleric
The next one in my fantasy character studies, this one is kinda cool actually:A cleric with melee battle training. Her staff/baton doubles as a one handed mace/spear thing. she has different bladed edges for the base that she can socket in. I figure, when her mana or whatever is low and she’s in a tight spot at least she wouldnt be totally defensless all tangled up in her babely robes unable to fight.
Digital and Col Erase
I painted my boyfriends d&d character for his birthday!His character is called Eldar and is a badass black elf warrior. His ancient spear always returns to him no matter what & in some unknown battle his throat was cut and now he never speaks. Gouache. 
a quick workup of a sketch i did a litte while agodigital 

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Posted on 29 October, 2013

this is a piece i did for the olio collective monster show that happened last night! Its a goblin. With loot, because of reasons that have to do with me playing a lot of D&D lately gouache! 

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Posted on 28 October, 2013

Witch doctor!another sketchbook doodle, i started this one at last weeks drink and draw! finished it the other day this one is all brushpen and col-erase and white pen

s’more nerd stuff ( this is the class im playin on diablo3 fuuuun)
My d&d character Acerand her hawk ghost!
sketchbook paintin in gouacheImma try and do everyones character like this :)  (nerd) 
parents are dead!over the next couple days i’ll be uploading some of the art from my minicomic i made earlier this yearall the pages are 10x14 originally and colored digitally
I’m uploading them without the words and honestly they almost read ok without!and you can see all the art better  
this is pg1 of the first storythe adventurersits about two adventuresome explorers on the trail of a massive lost civilization and the magical gemstone that powered their cities. (or its me and my childhood best friend rambling the back acres of where i grew up with a crystal we found and making up stories.)
parents are dead!over the next couple days i’ll be uploading some of the art from my minicomic i made earlier this year
all the pages are 10x14 originally and colored digitally
here’s what i wrote on the inside cover:
parents are dead is about kids.
 these are the stories we told ourselves when i was growing up.
vast worlds that existed only in Our imaginations. 
places where anything and everything was possible.  where what is a complete horror in reality, 
was so inconceivable that it was a game for us. 
Parents are dead is my attempt to capture that perfect innocence 
that existed for us only in those golden years of childhood. 
its been a while since i’ve posted anything!here’s a qick one from last nightcotton candy genie
or something.colored pencils and photoshop colors 

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