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summercomfort replied to your post “what have you been reading/watching recently?”

I exclusively “watch” mediocre procedurals while drawing, mostly because I can listen to people being competent and not worry about plot. So… Leverage, Burn Notice, Castle, Elementary, etc.

Same! Well,…

reblogging because i thought i was the only one that did this!
so much procedure. single serving mysteries keepin me productive.
also, audiobooks work.

A bunch of little digital environment studies, working on color and tone mostly.
Another Aegis one
stopping to check the mapMostly a color and light study,working out the environment a bit as well.
An older one from the alice and wonderland series I did, this one never made it to being a print last year, but it will on my next run! I sorta went more surreal-alien with this one
So this is one of the first things i ever drew for aegis, the characters have changed a little bit, and i might not ink the final like this, but i still really like it overall. Its a good representation of the tone of the final colorwise at least. this is just a flat color pass, but you get the idea.
another little promo postcard
a little aegis postcard.5x8 man i love working on craft paper.
Another Aegis painting that i’ll eventually turn into a print and maybe feature as a cover page in the book
What i’ve been working on.
Aside from a couple sketchbooks full of travel drawings and random doodles and train times, this project has consumed my every waking thought. Its a sci-fi comic i’m working on dealing with the themes of transformation, humanity and morality in a distant future and alien worlds.
Hoping to have a first issue ready for next year & con season. I’ll put up some of the sketches concept work and promo art here, and once i get enough i’ll set up a separate page/blog for it.
I know its been ages since i’ve posted anything, I’ve been travelling for the last 6 months, I’m in glasgow now working on my graphic novel, I’ll start uploading what i’ve been doing soon i promise, i just need access to a scanner.
till then, here’s a little sketch from last year i colored up, fun little dnd character, the troll ronin.

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